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Why Overspeed?...


The most exciting explosive game you'll play!

Where all players of all ages - whatever your ability get involved!

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Kin-Ball Some of the big plus points of Kin-Ball:

  • Kin-Ball is unique as a sport
  • Kin-Ball is suitable for disabled players
  • As a player it doesn’t matter what your ability is, you have to get involved!
  • Players are constantly moving all the time
  • No one team will dominate, all teams have an equal chance
  • Teams can be mixed Girls & Boys on the same team
  • Kin-Ball encourages: cooperation - team spirit - leadership

During the school Kin-Ball workshops - teachers were coming up to me and saying that; some pupils didn't like conventional type sports and wouldn't join in activities, but there they were, playing Kin-Ball!

Feel free to view the Kin-Ball Picture Gallery here.

Also check out the Kin-Ball YouTube links - why not order your Kin-Ball equipment today! Don't forget to book your "Free Kin-Ball workshop taster session"

Would you like to organise a Kin-Ball/Coaching workshop in your area? CLICK HERE or the image below for details.

Kin-Ball Coaching workshop

Overspeed UK was formed in May 2000. Having observed and carried out an analysis of a number of sports our conclusion was that athletes needed to have the ability to train “under resistance” whilst carrying out their particular discipline thereby improving on their performance. As a result, we set about the task of perfecting a range of products where athletes from a cross range of sports could benefit from training with their coaches or other athletes whilst “under resistance”. Once they have completed a training session and then removed the equipment they will experience an uplift in their reactions and performance, using the equipment over a period of time will induce a feeling of “overspeed” the momentum which is gained by applying resistance.

As leading suppliers of resistance equipment to Governing Bodies and High Performance Centre’s, Universities and Educational Establishments, the scope and diversity of our equipment range is great, but our work doesn’t stop there - we are constantly developing and perfecting the range of products we offer. Because a large majority of our equipment is made for us in the UK - we are able to offer a bespoke service whereby we can tailor the equipment to a particular athletes needs or function. We also have access to a range of products for Disabled athletes. We welcome the opportunity of being able to help athletes and coaches achieve their best.

We welcome orders from Overseas as well.

Method of Payments Accepted


PLEASE NOTE - it IS NOT REQUIRED that you have your own Paypal account, we can accept payments from your personal credit/debit card.

  • Or if you prefer send in your cheque with a copy of your order. Please make cheques payable to Overspeed UK
  • INVOICED (For accounts approved by Overspeed UK)
  • BACS (Please contact Overspeed UK for Bank details)

Order Details

Once you have ordered a product you will automatically receive an email with the details of your order, simply print off a copy of the order for yourself and send one copy with your choice of payment to Overspeed UK.


We are always delighted in giving discounts on our equipment - if you are looking to order a number of items. Please phone us for a quotation.

Best wishes Tim Crowe