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Reaction Belt
• Great for tennis players of all ages that require a quick reaction time
Slide Board
• The Overspeed Slide Board is a must if you haven't got access to clay courts and you want practice your sliding movements.
Speed Ladder
• The ladder can be split into two sections of 8 - ideal if you have a large group of players and can only afford the one ladder.
Mini Hurdles
• Excellent for agility training, 6" high and designed for fast feet and knee lift drills..
Jumpsoles *
Jumpsoles are the world's most advanced plyometric training platforms which attach to your own shoes.
Plyo Box
• Ideal for jumping and bounding.
Bullet Belt Spri Xercuff
Bullet Belt
• Improve stride length and frequency in the same run! Unique design uses variable Velcro closure to modify resistance for athletes at any level
Spri Xercuff
• A new innovation of a circular XerTube with secure velcro ankle straps - Ideal for class, box aerobics, circuits and individual use.
Spri Xercuff Exercise Chart Wall Lateral Plyo Box
Spri Xercuff Exercise Chart
Easy to read wall chart measuring 18" x 24". Laminated. Full colour
Wall Lateral Plyo Box
• Ideal for training areas where space is limited, the Wall Lateral Plyo Box allows you to perform explosive lateral and forward drills for improved agility, speed, and stamina
Just Jump System Chester Step Test CD
Just Jump System
• Jumpsoles are the world's most advanced plyometric training platforms which attach to your own shoes.
Chester Step Test CD
• The Chester Step Test is a sub-maximal test of aerobic capacity, which is widely used in a variety of environments for fitness testing and is approved by the UK Governments Home Office for use in the assessment of fire fighters fitness
Knock N Rock Hurdles DSX Wheely Bag
Knock N Rock Hurdles
• A set of four hurdles with special weighting which allows them to return to their original position when pushed.
DSX Wheely Bag
• A Strong 420 denier PU coated nylon storage bag with enormous versatility as well as storage capacity!
Big Red Mega Bag Reversaboards
Big Red Mega Bag
Designed especially with teachers in mind, this 90cm x 45cm x 45cm bag will fulfil your storage and transportation requirements.
• Enables children to turn quickly and safely at the end of each shuttle run
Qwikcross Hurdles Digital Metronome
Qwikcross Hurdles
• A pack of lightweight hurdles with a compact design which enables them to be easily folded for storage in the supplied carry bag.
Digital Metronome
• Used for a variety of tests where constant audible beat patterns are required