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Egg Ball
• Excellent for people insecure on standard shaped Balls.
Reebok Coreboard
• Tilts, rocks and swivels in all planes of movement

Inflatable Stability Disc
• Create a stable but moving platform for standing or seated exercise. Disc can be inflated to match the required level of stability.
• Extra large air cushion
• Adjust air pressure to increase/decrease levels of difficulty
Fit Ball
• The UK's premium sports quality
anti-burst ball.
• Great tool for rehabilitation and strength
• Provides progressive resistance
Dip Belt
• Carry out Dip's in a safe way!
Wobble Board
• One of the best built Wobble Boards on the market. Strong, sturdy and light!
Training Partner MK I
• Can be used for a whole range of sports that require the need to understand the importance of posture and core stability.
Training Partner MK III
• Additional 4 inch Dee rings on the Belt which allow for our Body Elastics to be connected. Enabling the player to work under resistance.The Mark 3 also comes with wrist straps and elastics allowing the wrists to be connected to the belt.
* Power Wheel II
• Increased power in the chest, shoulders and arms
• Excellent for developing core strength
* Shoulder Horn
• Comfortably supports the arms in the optimal position isolating the external rotators of the shoulder (Rotator Cuff)
Resistance Chute *
• The Resistance Chute is designed to strengthen swim specific muscles and improve, endurance and explosiveness
*Swim Resistance Chute
• Strengthen swim-specific muscles and improve power, endurance and explosiveness

Aqua Jogger Pro flotation belt
• Same design as the Aquajogger Classic Flotation Belt but no frills!.
Ab Crunch Harness
• For use with any pulley cable system. Load up the resistance - this gets results fast!
Inversion gravity boots
• Excellent for use with the Chinning Bar. Inversion boots counteract the downward pull of gravity
Original Ab trainer
• Isolates hard to train Abdominals with patented rocking action. Helps eliminate Neck and Back strain during workouts.
PT Bouncer
• Available in Aqua Green. 40" diameter Rebounder 6 x 7" legs with non-slip heavy duty rubber feet.
Spine Supporter
• the Spine Supporter is designed to support the spine and reduce neck tension.
Arc Barrel
• Enhance your execution of a wide variety of stretching and strengthening exercises
BOSU Integrated Balance Trainer
• Core stability and proprioception training device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training, or stand alone as an outstanding functional tool.
Action Trainers
• Used for fun or to practice the throwing action.

Flat Incline - Decline - Bench
Top of the range Heavy Duty Bench. Extra heavy duty 2" x 3" steel frame can easily handle a load capacity 450 kilos (1,000 lbs).
Stability Roll (Foam Roller)
Ideal for rehab and physiotherapy exercises