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Super Deadlift Bar *
• Great for deadlifts and shrugs
* Fat Bar
• Thick grip targets the hands, wrists and forearms for greater strength development.
Supra Bar *
• Unique rotating handles allows you to pronate and supinate (the inward and outward rotation of the wrist) for greater range of motion.
Fitness Chute
• The Power Fitness Chute allows the user to train both "resistance running and over speed running" without needing a partner.
Personal Kit
• Extremely popular with tennis players and players of all levels of ability. Can be used for a variety of other sports as well.
Cobra Speed Master
• The Cobra Speed Master is an athletic performance device that is used for both assisted and resisted jumping exercises when using the super latex cord.
Pro Chinning/Dipping Bars
• Wall mounted professional chinning and dipping bars for full commercial applications.
Pro Chinning/Dipping Bars
Wall mounted professional chinning and dipping bars for full commercial applications.
Power Sledge
• The Overspeed Power Sledge pulls smooth and straight for high speed resistance sprinting.
• Improve strength and dexterity in fingers, hands and wrist
Head Harness
• Leather/Nylon
*Power Web
• Superior load distribution principle transfers weight across your hand
Sting Ray*
• Helps maintain proper bar placement
• Perform front squats
Shoulder Cuff Builder*
• Used for internal and external rotation exercises
*Power Bat
• Strengthen and condition the muscles specific to hitting by providing resistance throughout the entire swinging motion
*Power Sprinter
Perform sprints, plyometrics and backward runs
Power Grip-Balls
• Built in handle is easy to grip
• Great for sport performance and rehabilitation
• Dual handgrips provide versatility
The Manta Ray *
A semi rigid device that snaps onto any bar and helps you achieve the full advantage of performing the high bar squat while maintaining the proper upright posture.
* Plyo Jumper
• Explode Vertically
This is the surest way to develop the strength and power to maximize your vertical lift.
Nylon Tricep Straps
Can be used for Tricep Press-downs, Ab Crunches, Bicep Curls, Tricep extensions, front and Side Deltoid Raises and much more.
Combo thigh and ankle strap
• Completely adjustable with comfortable neoprene lining and sure-lock Velcro closure.
Pro Squat Stands
Premium quality, heavy-duty barbell squat stands.
Pro Olympic Incline Bench
• Premium quality Olympic incline bench with bar catches .
Pro Preacher Curl Bench
Premium quality preacher curl bench.
Preacher Curl Bench
• An adjustable large preacher pad and adjustable bar rack. Ideal for building biceps
Reebok Ironwear belt
Padded Nylon Belt fitted with 10lb (20 x 1/2lb) of Flex-metal.
Flat Bench
Ideal for basic dumbell and crunch workouts with thick upholstery for extra comfort.
Olympic 2” Disc Rack
Designed for olympic discs with 2” (50mm) diameter centre holes
Standard 1” Disc Rack
Designed for standard discs with 1” (25mm) diameter centre holes
Squat Rack
Solid and stable Rack holds the Bar safe and secure with the heaviest of weights
Press Squat Stands
• Versatile, heavy-dash duty for squats and bench work
Medicine Balls
• Heavymed Gel Filled Medicine Balls