X Bag
X Bag

X Bag is the Ultimate Training Tool allowing training with your clients to be as specific and functional as possible. It is a cleverly designed multifunctional padded exercise bag offering great versatility for the coach, athlete, trainer and exercise enthusiast.
It has a highly durable woven PVC waterproof outer, supported by high strength nylon stitching, making it suitable for traditional gym/home use or in the outfield integrated in to sport-specific training drills.
Easy to use velcro straps allow access to a padded, webbed nylon inner. Inside the X Bag, the innovative inner design houses three zipped compartments in which to place disc weights, providing a wide load variation from 2.5kg to a maximum of 30 kg (weight discs sold separately, see below).
Ergonomically designed handles provide a great base for rotational and functional training, allowing the bag to be lifted, pulled, pushed, rotated and thrown. A series of metal ÔDÕ rings facilitate the clever use of in-built shoulder straps, turning the X Bag in to a loaded back pack allowing strength drills to take place in the standing position.
Dimensions: Length 66 cm, Diameter 23 cm,

Weight 2.5kg (before weights are added)

Part #
XT0207 X Bag
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