Flat Incline - Decline - Bench

Top of the range Heavy Duty Bench. Extra heavy duty 2" x 3" steel frame can easily handle a load capacity 450 kilos (1,000 lbs). The adjustable back and Seat Pads lock into eight positions to align your body for perfect posture in all your exercises. Ultra thick upholstery supports you comfortably through most intense workouts. Lock your leg in the T-Bar leg Hold Down featuring oversized padded Rollers, for extra comfort and stability while you perform Upper and Lower Abdominal exercises as well as Incline and Decline strength training. Convenient castors let you move the Bench effortlessly in and out of any Rack for ultimate in versatility. Bench measures 1680mm long (60") x 585mm wide (23") x 510 mm high (20"). Optional Preacher Curl Station and optional Six Roller leg extension/leg Curl Station available. Weighs 46 kilos. Requires some assembly.

Heavy item dispatched by Courier.

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Flat Incline - Decline - Bench
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