Training Partner MK I
• Can be used for a whole range of sports that require the need to understand the importance of posture and core stability.

PLAYER - tired of constantly rising up on you feet losing balance and hitting off centered shots?

COACH - tired of constantly shouting at your players to keep their centre of gravity low - when they should be really concentrating on where they are going to put the ball?

Good athletic posture is the foundation of good tennis technique!

"Good athletic posture is the key foundation of good tennis technique as well as providing the ideal platform for speed and agility. 'The Training Partner' is an excellent device for developing kinasthetic awareness of the correct posture with players of all ages."

Simon Jones (LTA National Coach)

Spare elastics are available for the Training Partner MK I and MK III. £7.00 each

Purchase a Training Partner (3 Pack) at £149.97 and receive 3 extra elastics free of charge!!

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OSTPTraining Partner MK I
Part #
OSTPSpare elastics
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