Power Wheel II
• Increased power in the chest, shoulders and arms
• Excellent for developing core strength

With either hands or feet on the wheel, perform a multitude of upper body strength training and plyometric exercises. Perform push ups, inch worms and crab walks. Exercise Guide included. Wheel diameter: 14”. Wt. 6 lbs.

"No machine works the abs and back like the Power Wheel." - Matt Furey, Author of Combat Abs

"I can't tell you how valuable a component the Power Wheel has become in our strength program here at The University of Montana. There are so many aspects the Wheel covers in our program (i.e. flexibility, core strength, stability) that all our sports use it in their training regime throughout the entire year." - Lacey Degnar, Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Montana

Subject to a flucuating price - please check with Overspeed at time of ordering.

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67150 Power Wheel II
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