Cobra Speed Master
• The "Cobra Speed Master" is an athletic performance device that is used for both assisted and resisted jumping exercises when using the super latex cord.

It can be used for resisted running using the waist-belt and connecting strap. We always believe what makes a great player, is the ability to cover the court with the least amount of strides. Whatever your sport - it's important to carry out your training drills under resistance. When you release yourself from the elastics you immediately go into an over-speed phase. Used extensively in Tennis - where the player needs to make quick recoveries all round the court. The Cobra's fastening points and comfortable padded belt brings simplicity to athletic training. As one coach put it - "I'm keeping these under lock and key for other coaches will kill to get their hands on it". We can make up lengths of elastic from 1ft to 24' long. Talk to us about how you can adapt your playing surface area using upright poles.

I've seen coaches using latex rubber tubing and without a safety cover and you're just asking for trouble! Take my word these are the best elastics you'll ever come across.

Comes with coaches belt - to take the strain of the player and padded belt for the player. (Now with Web Covering for added safety).


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