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Agility Pack Flexible Marker Cones
Agility Pack
• Everything you could possibly need for agility training!
Flexible Marker Cones
• Good quality 20cm diameter flexible marker cones are only 4.5cmin height, and are manufactured from soft plastic to ensure safety in use
Spordas Flow Markers Sports Multi Markers
Spordas Flow Markers
• Spordas Flow Markers are an inexpensive way to define boundaries, divide activity areas and/or direct the flow through an activity.
Sports Multi Markers
• Simple and easy to use 20cm domes can be used for a variety of purposes
Adjustable Power Plyo-Box Adjustable Step-up Box
Adjustable Power Plyo-Box
Save time and space without sacrificing quality. This plyometric box adjusts from 26" to 42" in 2" increments and has a large 30" x 27" nonslip landing surface to accommodate athletes of all sizes.
Adjustable Step-up Box
• Vary height, vary intensity! Platform quickly adjusts to a 14", 16", 18", or 20" height
Premium Plyo Boxes Adjustable Lateral Plyo Box
Premium Plyo Boxes
• Have a stable square frame and a large landing area. This heavyweight plyometric box is a solid choice for plyometrics training and athletes of all sizes and abilities
Adjustable Lateral Plyo Box
• Keep your opponent off balance. Highly durable platform trains explosive lateral movements for strong and quick direction changes.
Plastic Stackable Cones Agility Training Cards
Plastic Stackable Cones
• Weighted base for stability and a grooved top for versatility.
Agility Training Cards
• A set of 50 exciting Agility Training Cards providing progressive and thorough agility drills for training sessions
Spordas Jumpkone Adaptor System Multistage Fitness Test CD
Spordas Jumpkone Adaptor System
• A unique set of adaptors, containing four rings and eight hook adaptors, set 6 cm apart, each with six positions.
Multistage Fitness Test CD
• A reliable bleep test, used worldwide by schools, top sports clubs, the emergency services and armed forces.
A Complete Guide to Tag Rugby
Velcro Tag Rugby Belts
A Complete Guide to Tag Rugby
• Now contains a whole new section with a series of practical plans for teachers and coaches.

Velcro Tag Rugby Belts
• Tag Rugby is an exellent form of non-contact rugby. Each belt comes with two tags which must be roved to make a 'tackle'.
Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter
Track Display Unit
• Touchpad for Timing System

Track Display Unit
• The Track Display is a great addition to the Wireless Sprint System.

Beam Set
Replacement Tripod
Beam Set
• Add up to 8 Intermediate Beams to the Wireless Timing System to record split interval times

Replacement Tripod
• Replacement Tripod 100cm

Foot Wand
Foot Wand
• The Foot Wand is ideal for standing starts on all surfaces including grass, wood and rubberized track

• Spare antenna's for Speed Trap 2 Timing System

USB Interface CM

USB Interface CM
• The USB Interface CM enables times from the Coaches Monitor to be downloaded to a PC. From there the times can be printed out or imported into a spreedsheet program for further manipulation.